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Great! Reviewed by: Lindsay
On the first day i felt really full all day bt still ate my three meals. Day two felt same as before i took them in being hungry and now third day feel full again! Im impressed how it makes you feel full and not wanting to snack in betwern meals. I will repost in a week or two if I have lost weight or not yet

Wonderful Reviewed by: Jane Larkin
It really works, try it.

YES, GOOD Reviewed by: Kelly Lorraine Anderson
I've bin usin this product for 6 weeks, lost 17lbs

I'm Happy! Reviewed by: Kilos Down
Hello, this is my first review - first product bought from this site. Been using it for 6 weeks and I'm about 5kgs down. Now, I'm not actually overweight as such so I was impressed to see this help me get 'cut'.

Not As Good As I Had Hoped Reviewed by: Anonymous
I only lost 5lbs over 2 weeks and I did expect a bit more.

Brilliant! Reviewed by: Anonymous
These are great! they really suppress my appetite so i don't snack so much and my waist is smaller and my clothes are feeling quit baggy! Gives me an excuse to go shopping ;)

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